The Basin Walking Track. Secrets of Sydney’s South West.

Basin Walking TrailBeyond the sea of terracotta tiled roofs, the glistening yellow ‘M’s’ that adorn many a corner, Sydney’s South West has many a secret. In my town, if you raise your glaze just above the clusters of suburban dwellings, you will notice a smooth silhouette of rolling hills, just a remnant of what once was. The thick Australian bush stands guard around the city like a fortress protecting stories of the dreaming, while you will find colonial gems hidden among the urban sprawl . Continue reading



IMG_4525Fine fog lingered over the Island as our ship approached land, not exactly the image your mind projects when you covet an Island escape. Again, a tender boat transported all onto Lifou; every time I am in a tender boat, my mind drifts to the unlikely event of an evacuation and having to find refuge in this tiny vessel with a substantial amount of people, what do we eat? Is food hidden somewhere?IMG_4850As our feet touched down on Lifou, a mist still draped it’self over us and then cleared, although the clouds still remained in view, the ocean did not surrender to the grayness overhead, continuing to project staggering hues of blue. Continue reading