Queenstown, New Zealand. God’s Country.

IMG_9694I felt God’s undeniable existence from the moment our plane began its descent into Queenstown. I felt Him expressed through the grandeur of her rugged mountain ranges topped with June’s coating of snow, I saw Him in the unrehearsed rusticity of the landscape, His creativity sprawling through every millimeter.IMG_9346IMG_933413453504_10156976830025627_714249028_oIt was June, 2015. The flight took less than 3 hours from Sydney, it made me wonder what took me so long to decide to go to New Zealand. The landing into Queenstown airport is the most spectacular I have ever experienced, as the mountains began to surround the plane, we had to battle the turbulence while trying to take Facebook worthy photos. We travel to lands far away, yet this country not short of beauty is right on our door step.IMG_0520IMG_0522IMG_0623Considering Australia’s proximity to New Zealand, the landscape and fauna differ tremendously. They both have their own share of natural richness, we have sweeping plains, everlasting coastlines with untouched beaches accessible to all, they have the Southern Alps, bubbling springs and grand sounds.IMG_9321IMG_9691IMG_9484We are privileged to share our land with our many marsupials like the obvious kangaroos and wombats, strange birds like emus and kookaburras, while they have been bestowed the kiwi birds and the intelligent keas and were once home to the moa birds, yet, somehow they have been spared from our venomous snakes.

We have both have been granted the presence of lush forests, yet gum trees sprawl the Australian terrain, while Queenstown is populated with tall long pine like trees reaching for heaven.IMG_9279IMG_9274I was surprised by the friendliness of the locals and gained rapport with the taxi drivers, our driver from the airport to our hotel, stopped at vantage point on the way, which was a great start to our trip. Everything, from our accommodation (Novotel Queenstown Lakeside), to the food (just wonderful) and day trips were amazing, a great trip all round… secretly I’m a little jealous of what New Zealand has to offer, they are doing something very right.IMG_9844IMG_9847IMG_9868a

Photos taken at Queenstown Gondola, in & about Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown surrounds.

Our itinerary:      

  1. Dates of Travel: 8th to the 13th June, 2015
  2. Hotel: Novotel Queenstown Lakeside
  3. Airline: Jetstar & Qantas on return

Activities/trips (I’m planning to do separate posts for some of these):

  • Queenstown Gondola
  • Walter Peak Farm & Cruise
  • Milford Sound via Milford Sound Select
  • Onsen Spa
  • Arrowtown
  • Queenstown Garden
  • Fear Factory Queenstown, Odessey Sensory Maze & Vortex Cinema
  • Below Zero Ice Bar
  • Unfortunately we left for home on the day the snow fields opened
  • Queenstown Weekly Markets

Places we ate at and enjoyed (practically everything!):

  • Fergburger- I thought it would be overrated but it’s not
  • Joe’s Garage- Order the Gorgeous George for Breakfast!
  • Queenies Dumplings
  • Winnies Pizza
  • The Buffet lunch @ Walter Peak
  • The Winery (we had the cheese platter)
  • Stratosfare Restaurant & bar
  • Brazz Steakhouse, Bar & Grill
  • Pog Mahones Irish Pub

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