The Basin Walking Track. Secrets of Sydney’s South West.

Basin Walking TrailBeyond the sea of terracotta tiled roofs, the glistening yellow ‘M’s’ that adorn many a corner, Sydney’s South West has many a secret. In my town, if you raise your glaze just above the clusters of suburban dwellings, you will notice a smooth silhouette of rolling hills, just a remnant of what once was. The thick Australian bush stands guard around the city like a fortress protecting stories of the dreaming, while you will find colonial gems hidden among the urban sprawl .

Keith Longhurst ReserveFor a while now, my sister had been encouraging me to go on a bush walk through one of the city’s trails, yet I kept on responding with excuses. One day, somehow, I decide to research hikes around our town and came across The Basin Walking Track and it looked pretty interesting.

Basin KentlynWe search for beauty elsewhere, but sometimes it is right where you are. I have traveled to a dozen countries, yet I have failed to explore and appreciate where I live. The reserve triggered an emotion difficult to explain. It was simple, yet beautiful, it wasn’t as grand as major tourist destrinations, but it was spectacular in it’s on right, almost echoing ancient tales of the people who once called it home.

Georges RiverThe beginning of the trail is an easy walk mostly flat with some steps, on your way, you will notice cliffs lining the horizon. Although, the end of the track before you reach the basin becomes quite steep and the walk back up is difficult.

The Georges river trickles down and around, the stream polishing rocks in it’s passing, leaving circular impressions on the river bed, then pouring it’s contents therapeutically over the small cliff into the mouth of the basin.

Georges River TrackIf you catch a break from taking photos, sit in the silence and listen to what it has to tell you… I didn’t.


  • Keith Longhurst Reserve 
    • Georges River Road, Kentlyn (my GPS came up with Minto), near Campbelltown, South West Sydney, NSW
    • The Basin Walking Track (The Old Ford Road Walking Track can also be accessed from here)
    • 2km Round Trip
    • The end of the trail is steep, a reasonable amount of fitness is required at the end
    • The sign for The Basin Walking Trail has been damaged, we took the trail on the right and followed the metal markers


  • Photos taken with my phone, Samsung Note 2. I regret not bringing my DSLR.
  • Please take your rubbish with you and don’t leave a mark. It breaks my heart to see beer bottles littering the track and graffiti staining the rocks.

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